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Macrophotography experiment

As mentioned in an earlier post, thanks to Professor Rosenthal, I have learned to use photographic equipment in a manner outside of my experience. Here are some results using a 50mm, 1.4 lens including an image of the setup.

Faster lenses….

Fast cars don’t quite do it for me… then again I have one.  Just don’t drive in NYC much/at all.  But faster lenses; that’s a different deal.  I came across a blog entry titled 14 Super Fast Aperture Lenses Worthy of Note which had some really exciting pieces of glass (did I really mean what I just said??!) featured.   The images below are from that article but linked to dpreview posts.


Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f0.33 35mmf09-680x511

RGB experiment, 1

The first time I shot images for this exercise, I was able to use the Tiffen filters provided, but I didn’t shoot in monochrome.

A week later I reshot the exercise using colored gels.

The results were similar to Microsoft’s legendary “undocumented features” (i.e. your computer automatically restarting): a learning experience provided by an unwanted event.

I couldn’t figure out how to merge the separate layers into one channel even using Adobe’s guide.

Image J made the process much easier , though the results were not what I was expecting to see; at least not without further experimentation, observation, and additional thought.

HDR and lens aberration experiment –

I shot an HDR test using a location on NYC’s historic Orchard Street last week.

You can get an idea of how clear the sky was by the shadows cast by railings on the top floor of the building on the west side of the street; across from the subject building. This image is a composite of eleven separate images during “golden hour” using a Canon 30 D with a 15mm 2.8 on a tripod with cable release at 50 ASA. I shot the gray card and used that to set my white balance. The final image is the result of eleven separate images.

Clicking on the images will open larger images in new windows.


Using the lens correction filter in Photoshop I attempted to adjust the “fisheye” effect:


Note to self:
While I am in New York, I really need to get away from my desk and shoot more.

Crossing Delancey, redeaux
Crossing Delancey, redeaux

A solution as simple but not simpler…

“It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.”
— Albert Einstein,  On the Method of Theoretical Physics

When I whined to Professor Rosenthal that my camera wouldn’t accept a white balance from something that was out of focus, what a pain it was to have to set the gray card down, and shoot from further than arm’s reach,  he deftly pulled out a sharpie, drew a black “X” from corner to corner of a gray card, presented it to me and said,
“There.  Now it will focus.”

Experience.  Genius.  Wisdom.



This is my Camera

The audio and/or video data acquisition device which I use at this moment is my camera.  There are many like it, but the one which I am using now is mine.
 I must master my camera as I must master my life.   Without my camera, I am unable to document family, friends, ideas, thoughts, and work.  Without my camera it would be as if I never existed at all.
My camera, without me, is useless.
I will continue to learn its accessories, components, lenses, limitations, operation, settings, sights,  strengths,  and weaknesses. I will keep my camera and kit clean and ready to serve at a moment’s notice or after meticulous planning.

My camera is as important to me as the life which I lead.  It is a constant ally, historian, mentor,  teacher, and witness.  My camera is a manifestation of the creator and destroyer of worlds as it can do both of these things.  Learning my camera is learning ten thousand things.

Like the woodsman with his axe, the rifleman and his weapon, Stelarc and his third ear, we have become part of each other.  We are inseparable. 
Nikon D800e