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Getting Google out of my machine(s)

I have always lived in places which have had front doors – with locks on them.  Being aware of a difference, I prefer to monitor entries and exits from where I live and work.

Little Snitch is my network monitor. Today I noticed a heap of activity in/out of my machine from Google:
Little Snitch

Checking further, I saw the destination as:


Electing to remove Google from my machine (at least for the time being) required me to reveal the Library directory which current versions of OSX hide from users.

Once I could see my library again, deleting Google was as easy as… well.. Roach-b-Dead.

Located… Going.. Gone.
going_ going gone

Roach – B – Dead

Our first project for class was a dream-it-up project. It didn’t have to work. We had to demonstrate the idea with a plausible story conveyed in a convincing manner. I don’t really think it’s my fault that most of my dreams are nightmares any more than I am responsible for my height or hair color.And so it came to pass that the first Physical Computing class/group project with Leslie Lin and Rodrigo Derteano was based upon experiences from living in New York City: Roach-B-Dead! An automated roach killing system that uses a hammer, wiper blade, and digital counter.

Apple decides users may no longer have
color in Finder

I remember when “Think Different” was the big selling point for Apple. The past couple of years it would seem they have ditched that campaign for, “Think the Same.”

Pulling the color out of Finder is right up there with a conversation I had with an Apple tech support person when I was trying to change the size of iPhone fonts. But that’s another story.

Here’s a fix to adding color-based navigation BACK into your operating system.

Put color back in Finder
Here’s part of what my Finder looks like after running the code above, then quitting, and restarting Finder:
Woa: Color back in Finder.