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OnSite @ UCSD

>More Theater, Dance, and Art at UCSD's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
More Theater, Dance, and Art at UCSD's Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration

Free events at the University of California, San Diego November 18 – 20, 2010. Within the events of OnSITE, there will be video, an installation of Heart Beats Light, and the playing of some musical instruments I have built. Click on the image above for detailed information.

ReAnimated Artifacts –

For the past two months a number of found objects (boxes, springs, a can, fruit cake tin, pitchfork, saw, bicycle wheel, and other items) made their way into my studio. Some have been recombined, others look almost the same. All now possess a kind of second-life and have been re-animated as electro-acoustic constructions. They will be seen and heard Sunday, July 11 in two performances of Letters/Words Lost/Found, choreographed by Betzi Roe.

This series of four site-specific dances at different locations will be held on the grounds of Rancho Bernardo’s historic (operating continuously since 1889!) Bernardo Winery and includes twelve dancers, five musicians, and three musician-dancers! Performances will begin at 2 pm and 6 pm.

Four site-specific dances with amplified objects
Sunday July 11th at 2 pm and 6 pm only. Click for directions.

Site Launch-

Finally. the site is almost current.

Thank you to my many friends for your continued support!

This April ends the ten year gathering of submissions for the
AllTheNamesOfGod project and the launch of the sculptural
work. There are also a few more items for the site that need
listing which I will get to over the next few weeks.

Thanks again to Alan Stones for creating a new composition to
accompany the video of interactive constructions from 1990.

Best wishes.

New Sights on Old Site

Gabriela Tudor

This past year, we lost a close friend much too early.
Gabriela Tudor was brilliant, charming, funny, driven, and a joy to be around. She was the mother of Vlad Tudor, and wife of my good friend Cosmin Manolescu. This past August one of the Cal-Laborative Kitchen Projects was a full moon light installation in Jacumba, California as a memorial to Gabriela. New friends, Kirk and Noor of the Institute of Perception, made a video that you can see by clicking on the image below or here.
Gabby, our world is smaller without your love.

Still from the Film made by the Institute of Perception
Still from the Film made by the Institute of Perception

KPBS Tour with COSA Students

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a class of some of Coronado School of the Arts most promising students on a field trip to our local Public Television Station, KPBS. It was a lot of fun to be back in a production environment with stages, a proper green screen cyclorama, lights, grids, cameras, control rooms, a fair amount of questions, and a very patient tour guide! Thank you again to Ena Newell, KPBS Production Center Manager.

“Words on Works” now “Text”

I’ve renamed the above section of my website to the less humorous, more sedate title of “text.” I have a few more items to include there, and see what is lacking. I’d always thought that I would get around to doing this ‘housekeeping.’ Looks like now is the time. Click to visit.

Billy Kluver and Peter Terezakis, La Jolla, California 2003

Focal Length
Billy Kluver and Peter Terezakis, La Jolla, California 2003